Morse Code - Learn & Translate

Morse Code - Learn & Translate

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Morse Code - Learn & Translate

Morse Code - Learn & Translate

Pavel Holeček
نسخهٔ ۷.۹.۶
نصب +۱۰۰
دسته‌بندی ابزارها
حجم ۱۳ مگابایت
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The application translates text to Morse code and vice versa. It can also teach you the Morse code through series of levels.

• It can translate a message to the Morse code and vice versa.
• Text is translated in the real-time as you type. The application determines if the entered text is a Morse code or not, and the translation direction is set automatically.
• The letters are divided by a slash (/), and the words are divided by two slashes (//) by default. The separators can be customized in the Settings menu.
• The Morse code can be transmitted using the phone speaker, flashlight or vibrations.
• You can adjust the transmission speed, Farnsworth speed, tone frequency and other settings. You can also choose one of versions of the Morse code. Currently, the International Morse Code and a few local versions of Morse code are supported (e.g., Czech, Polish, German, Greek, and others).
• You can paste the message that you want to translate from a clipboard. And similarly, the translation can be easily copied into the clipboard.
• The application supports sharing. You can send a text to this app from another one using the Share function. The translation can be shared with another application (such as Facebook) just as easily.
• The translator supports also amateur radio Q-codes. When you enter a Morse code and a Q-code is found in it, the meaning of this Q-code is added next to it in the brackets. This function can be turned off in the settings if you do not want to use it.
• There is also a random text generator. You can use it if you want to practice translating longer text.
• A few simple ciphers are also supported. Click the icon with three dots in the translator to access them. You can swap the dots and dashes, reverse the Morse codes, or you can choose a password and encrypt your message using Vigenère cipher.

• There is also a simple module that can teach you the Morse code.
• The learning is divided into levels. You begin with only two letters in the first level. In every other level, a new letter is introduced. The letters are added from the simplest ones to the more complex ones.
• You are presented a letter or a Morse code. You can either select the answer by tapping on one of the buttons (multiple-choice questions), or you can type the translation.
• The choice of the level is completely up to you. There is no need to start from the beginning if you already know some basics. Also moving to the next level is up to you. When you feel confident that you can translate all the letters from the current level easily, just tap the button to move to the next level.
• When you are supposed to fill in the translation for a Morse code, the code can be played using the speaker. You are also training recognizing the Morse code by its sound.

Manual sending
You can use this app to send your message manually using the flashlight, sound, or vibrations.

List of Morse codes and Q-codes
• All letters and the corresponding Morse codes can be displayed in a single table.
• You can quickly look up any code. Just type the searched letter or its Morse code to the search bar.
• There is also a list of amateur radio Q-codes.

Other notes
Besides the light theme, dark theme is also supported (Android 10+ only).

The application is currently available in the English, French, German and Czech languages. Translators for other languages are welcome! If you would like to help with translating to your language, please contact me (pavel.holecek.4 (at)

Are you missing any feature? Write me and I can try to implement it in the next version.

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