Camo Heaven & Camp Hell

Camo Heaven & Camp Hell

Version 13.1.2
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Applications camp heaven, hell camp using augmented reality technology to enable you to provide a new way of Karbala narrative character design language of that period to hear, as well as an offline map of the city of Najaf, Karbala, Kadhimiya and walk fortieth and stops, and so much more. Other features of this software can Ashura pilgrimage, along with fluent Farsi pointed Krd.gnjynh This application will allow users to ten and ten of enemies and murderers of Imam Imam become more familiar.

After running for augmented reality mobile application on the relevant images (ie poster of Imam Hussein and his enemies) and you look to take control of their speech.

You can download photos of Imam and enemies link and use the software, you can print them.

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