atari nostalzhy

atari nostalzhy

Version 1.0
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The game is incredibly evocative and nostalgic Atari

With the game all the memories of his childhood and adolescence alive ...

Be sure to see pictures of the game and by purchasing the game programmers and game developers to Iran ...

Tested on 10 different models of phones and tablets

Make sure all of you have played with handheld Atari and memories with you. This time we have designed this very interesting game for Android.

The design of the game from Atari modeled in real handy to see-and Atari games you can see in the pictures.
All our efforts has been to play exactly like the Atari sounds and images is real handy.

Facilities and features:

- Just like real handy Atari (voice, video and Atari)
- Environment modeled from real Atari (Atari photo you can see in the pictures)
- Run and tested on different handsets and different Android versions (2 to 4)
- Adjustable Light, Atari type (white and black), storage points
- Ability to perform vibration in the game
- Optimized for smartphones and tablets
- Added more games in future updates

This game has been fully tested on phones and tablets following:

LG nexus 4
Samsung Galaxy ace
Samsung Galaxy S3
Sony Xperia j
Sony Xperia ray
Samsung Galaxy tab p1010 wifi
Samsung Galaxy tab 2
Wintouch Q73
Htc desire x
Htc desire z
Htc rhyme

Be sure to write your comments in the comments section to be applied in the next version.

Thanks and appreciation
Armin Saeedi

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