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Aria Photographer

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In the name of Allah

Greetings to the market users who come to this app, you will get familiar with the features of this app.

• Sticker maker

• Automatic moving tools in all directions up, down, middle and ...

• Ability to remove fonts

• Locks for text

• Like the instrument

• Use gallery images without cutting and at any size

• Making images with fixed sizes

• Possibility to choose a photo from your own gallery

• Possibility to fade background image

• More than 550 backgrounds

• 3D text formatting by rotating text in any direction you want

• Add text to any number and shape and size and color you want

• Shadows text to any size and color you want

• Select the appropriate font by previewing the text you want

• 430 Fonts Farsi -> Ability to update and install custom fonts

• 60 English fonts-> Ability to update and install custom fonts

• Ability to install your favorite font

• Ability to delete each post separately

• Ability to place text in two modes (touch and with arrow keys in the transpose)

• Save selected user colors

• More than 380 stickers and the ability to use Android dedicated sticks

• Add logo and photo

Hope you enjoy this application.


 Arya Developers Team

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