Jurassic Island: Lost Ark Surv

Jurassic Island: Lost Ark Surv

Version 2.01
Install +1 K
Category Action
Size 64 MB
Last Update 2023 January 8
Jurassic Island: Lost Ark Surv

Jurassic Island: Lost Ark Surv

Area730 Entertainment
Version 2.01
Install +1 K
Category Action
Size 64 MB
Last Update 2023 January 8
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Jurassic island, full of dinosaurs and other animals is your new home. To survive you have to hunt, craft weapons, build shelter, tame dinosaurs, explore dangerous, but beautiful, locations and discover the Lost Ark !

After a horrible plane crash, you find yourself on an inhabitant island that is not marked on any map. You can't find any other survivors. Without crafting and building skills you won't make it. Soon you discover that the island is full of ancient Jurassic creatures - dinosaurs. Later you discover signs of other tribes and survivors ... are you really alone? And what mysteries does the Lost Ark will uncover?

Hunt all kinds of animals, including dinosaurs and dragons.
You can tame dinosaurs and tame dragons (coming soon)!


Exploring is the key to survival here. While exploring, you will collect resources, food, find new animals and places.
Explore the nearby ocean for rear objects and relics.


Gather resources and use them to build your shelter fortress. It can protect you against many animals, but some creatures are too strong and can hurt you even if you are inside. You can build multiple floors or even building.
Decorate your shelter with different items.


Hunting will provide you with food and resources like fur. You can hunt dinosaur or any other animal you find with all kinds of weapons including bows, spears, baseball bats, rifles and pistols!


Build the raft and use it to explore nearby islands. Each island can have new unique resources and new animals to tame. The raft may also help you with fishing.

The Lost Ark

Discover the lost ark and the mysteries it hides. This ark has been on the island for centuries. Ancient tribes left it sealed and you must explore it to survive.

Crafting and mining

Surviving requires crafting. Crafting will allow you to obtain resources of higher quality as well as weapons and armor.
Craft lots of instruments including axe and pickaxe. Mining will help you to get rare resources and ores that are needed to craft powerful items. There are few mines on this Jurassic island.


Cooking is an essential part of survival. Hunger and thirst are your daily enemies. Cooked food restores more health and stamina than raw resources. You can cook many different kinds of food including fried meat, steak, soup, and others.


Another way to obtain food is farming. Farming will produce some vegetables that can be consumed on their own or used when cooking different dishes.


Don't be afraid of small dinos - they can be tamed even on low levels. Strong dinos, however, need some preparation before taming.

In this Jurassic survival, you have many options and strategies to succeed! Will you survive?

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