AsanGhabz (pay with barcode)

AsanGhabz (pay with barcode)

Version 2.0.0
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Pay your bills just by one click with Asanghabz.

This application is developed for paying various bill types using built-in barcode scanner free of charge and without any need to an internet connection.

Key features:
1- Paying bills using built-in strong and precise ZXing team developed barcode scanner without any need to install other barcode scanner application.
2- Manual bill insert feature using bill ID and payment ID.
3- This application uses Asan Pardakht Co. USSD codes for paying bills, which is secure, free of charge and does not need to have an internet connection.
4- Paying bills using all the Shetab network bank cards.
5- Automatic saving of tracking codes from received SMS from Asan Pardakht (even if the application is not running).
6- Bill management (i.e. inserting tracking code manually, deleting bills, paying saved bills, displaying filtered bills by bill type and payment status).
7- Showing detailed bill information (i.e. bill type, bill ID, payment ID, bill amount, payment date and tracking code).
8- Saving bills for paying them in the future.
9- Saving bank card numbers to expedite and ease of payment process.
10- Backup and restore bills

Important notes:
1- Put the keyboard input language in English mode for entering card password in the USSD menu to avoid encountering “wrong card password” error.
2- Press volume up button for using device flash light in low light environment to enhance barcode scanning process.
3- All bank transactions will be done by Asan Pardakht Co. USSD payment gateway and this application does not have any access to bank card passwords. Saving bank card numbers is an optional feature for enhancing and expediting payment process.

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