Bike Rush 3D: Slap and Run

Bike Rush 3D: Slap and Run

Version 0.1.11
Install <10
Category Casual
Size 74 MB
Last Update 2023 April 7
Bike Rush 3D: Slap and Run

Bike Rush 3D: Slap and Run

Version 0.1.11
Install <10
Category Casual
Size 74 MB
Last Update 2023 April 7
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Bike Rush 3D: Slap and Run is an addictive run game where you run on the race and slap pedestrians at the same time, but don't forget trying to get away without being caught. Apart from pedestrians, you will also come across cops that will chase you and try to capture you.

There's a lot of fun to have with this Slap and Run 3D game as it is very addictive due to the unique concept of slapping passersby and making a run for it. After you've kicked off your run and have slapped a couple of pedestrians, they'll start to chase after you.

Slapppp! Bangggg! What’s that sound? It’s the Bike Rush 3D: Slap and Run! Are you ready to hit and run in the most angry rush of bicycle riding and slapping? Install Bike Rush and play now to enjoy the ride! Hop on your bike and ride it fast, swipe, slap, kick, hit and run your way to victory! Let’s go!

This game has a very simple yet addictive gameplay. Tap the screen to ride, swipe left and right to control the player. Want to smack some dudes? Just head over them and give them a slap.
Sounds easy, right? WRONG! If you get caught by the ones you slapped, you’re done! So in order to get to the end of Bike Rush runner race, slap as hard, as much as you can to pump up your power, and rush to the end of the road to face Poppy, the huggy wuggy boss!
Remember: you can collect coins and boost your power up at the start to slap your rivals harder and reach the finish faster!

Choose the skin and weapon you like to join the Bicycle Rush challenge. Bicycle Rush has a huge collection of beautiful skins and super cool weapons. Do you want to hit and run with a pan, a baseball bat or even a guitar? We have them all!
Op top of that, there is a unique catalog of epic legendary skins and weapons – complete Bicycle Slap and Run challenges to unlock these exclusive items and stand out on the Slap Road.

In order to win the running game of Bike Rush, you will need to defeat the ultimate boss – huggy wuggy Poppy. Don’t waste a second hesitating. Just scream loud, jump high, and kick the shoot out of Poppy to take him down! The farther you kick Poppy, the more coins you will get! It would be a lot of fun!

- Slap and run game in 3D view
- Upgrade runner or slapper
- Various of skins for slap runner
- Use many types of weapon to hit and run away
- Go through thousands of level with multiple maps and cities
- Come up with more powerful pedestrians in higher level
- New trending characters: Poppy playtime, Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Missy, Freddy and...

So, are you ready? Let's play and enjoy this running game - Bike Rush 3D: Slap and Run - to relieve all your stress and anxiety!

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