Car Manual - DIY and owners manual

Car Manual - DIY and owners manual

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We help you to MAINTAIN** your vehicle in good shape, SAVING MONEY by doing EASY stuff yourself at home. The content is 100% offline and covers 20+ most important items to maintain in an automobile, which can be a car, SUV, pickup truck, bus, truck, for you at home or for professionals who work driving a cab, uber, cabify, among others. And we're always updating!

Manage the most important parts of your motorcar, including maintenance items, fuel consumption and general expenses. Be yourself the mechanic your vehicle always dreamed!

Save money
With this car handbook, it's only required some tools and time to have fun by seriously fixing your vehicle.

Organize it!
Car Manual has a very handy annotation tool. Never forget to replace important parts of your vehicle again!

Learn to buy
Car buying guide section, with lots of good hints, such as 25 cars worth waiting.

Many things can be easily done at home instead of paying a car repair shop, and we'll show you how cars work and how to replace brakes, wipers, alternator, filters, coolant, spark plugs, air conditioning gas and so on, doesn't matter if you like to maintain compact cars or big SUVs, or if it is a Ferrari California, an El Camino car, a Ford Mustang or a good old VW Bug.

Fuel management
Our fuel control management system allows you to know the historic fuel consumption of your vehicle with very high precision.

Our app sandboxes your information, so there's no application forms, and you can always backup the saved info along with your device's backup.

Know your dashboard lights
There a weird dash indicator light that remains on all the time, or blinking, or is just there and you don't know what it is for? We do know, so come onboard.

Check out Car Manual Premium, the ads free version of Car Manual, a complete repair manual where you have access to thousands of owner's manual with no extra cost*, have more advanced fuel tools such as the flex calculator (flex power), new future premium features and other features.

*Some manuals might not be available by the time you order.
** Replacement car parts required in some cases

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If that bothers you, please download Car Manual Premium, our ads free version.

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