Real Gun Sounds - Guns of Popular Shooting Games

Real Gun Sounds - Guns of Popular Shooting Games

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♥ Enjoy Realistic Gunshots

Download extensive best collection of real top gun sounds simulator studio. Just tap the trigger and listen to the stunning weapon gunshots sounds.

Top Guns Sound Studio has the huge collection of the world's most popular weapons. Just listen to over 50+ authentic weapon gunshots sounds. One of the best realistic sound simulations with fully equip firearm like sound board.
Top Guns Sound Studio allows you to play anytime with loaded guns having a lot of bullets in it for upcoming Xmas celebrations. App contains categorize weapons with a lot of information regarding its weight, length, accuracy etc.
Top Guns Sound Studio also contains rating details in stars like caliber, muzzle velocity, effective top gun range, nearby shooting range, rate of fire, accuracy and damages.

Just click on favorite guns to play single shot and on holding enjoy auto sounds of firearms.
Top Guns Sound Studio has ability of single shot and auto shot of weapons.
Every category contains its own related guns with their name given by the manufacturer.

Baretta-92 , CZ-75 , Desert Eagle , JTL-E500 , Kel Tec-PMR30 , M9-CO2 , M1911 , Ruger-SR9 ,
Taurus-PT92 , Webley-Premier.
Arsenal-AF1 , Colt Anaconda , Glock-17 , Kel-Tec Pistol , Revolver Magnum.357 , XDM-.45
Machine Pistols:-
23-Submachine Gun , Astra-900 , Baretta-92 , Ingram , UZI MMI , Z84
Assault Rifle:-
ACR , AK-47 , AR-15 , Colt-LE901 , FN-SCARL , HK-47 , M-16 A4 , STEYR-AUG , Stoner-63
Sniper Rifles:-
Barrett-XM109 , Delije-Sever-1989 , Dragunov , L96-A1 , M2010 , STEYR-HS , U.S Army-M110
Machine Guns:-
BF4-M60E4 , Browning-M2 Heavy Machine Gun , Dillon-Aero M134D-H , FN-MINIMI(R) , MG-43 ,
Vickers-Berthier-MK1-Light Machine Gun.
Benelli-M2 , Benelli-Shotgun , Browning Auto-5 , Franchi-Space12 , Remmington-887-Nitro ,
Launcher Guns:-
Bazooka-M20 , Carl-Gustov-M3 , LAW-79(Explosion Sound), M-41 , M-79 Grenade Launcher ,
M136-AT4(laser gun sound effect).

• Optimized Hi-Resolution real graphics
• Total of 50+ weapons.
• Simple Trigger Shoot
• Don't Need to Reload bullets
• Original sound effects of firearm with easy user interface.
• Shoot with unlimited ammunition/magazine.
• Audio sound effects library are in mp3 format.
• All guns are open with no Gun-lock.
• Sound simulator and information about different fire arms.
_________ .
* Simple application for fun and joke. Practically make you a gun master and helps you to note how guns and ammo sound when you shoot.
* Coming up with more weapons...!!!

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