File to PDF Converter(Ai, PSD,

File to PDF Converter(Ai, PSD,

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نصب +۲ هزار
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File to PDF Converter(Ai, PSD,

File to PDF Converter(Ai, PSD,

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نسخهٔ ۶.۸
نصب +۲ هزار
دسته‌بندی سرگرمی
حجم ۲۲ مگابایت
آخرین بروزرسانی ۱۸ اسفند ۰۱
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File To PDF Converter(Adobe Illustrator(Ai), Adobe Photoshop(PSD), DWG, DOCX, PPTX, EPUB, EPS, PNG, BMP, JPEG/JPG, Camera raw file formats like ari, 3fr, cr2, crw, kdc, sr2, dng, erf, orf, mrw & many more)

File to PDF Converter is a file converter application that allows you to convert files extensions like Adobe Illustrator(Ai), Adobe Photoshop(PSD) extensions,AutoCAD(DWG),
Microsoft Word(DOC,DOCX), Microsoft Powerpoint(PPTX,PPT), EPUB, Adobe Encapsulated Postscript(EPS), PNG, JPEG/JPG, BMP, Camera raw file formats to Portable Document Format(PDF).

Application can convert many file extension like Adobe Illustrator(Ai), Adobe Photoshop(PSD) extensions, PNG(Portable Network Graphics), JPEG/JPG, BMP, Camera raw file formats(Like nef, nrw, dng, srf) to Portable Document Format(PDF) without uploading them to any server. Internet connection is not required to convert most of the file formats supported by application.

Choose the file extension Like Adobe Illustrator(Ai), Adobe Photoshop(PSD), EPS, PNG, BMP, JPEG, Camera raw formats(Like Sony, Nikon, Samsung, Kodak, Canon etc) then application will list all the files available in your mobile device that matches the extension selected by user. User can tap on files listed by application to convert it to Portable Document Format(PDF).

Any one can easily convert his/her document file to PDF format.

It is very easy to install and user friendly.

User can open Converted PDF file directly from Application.

User can also share converted PDF document through email, save to google drive & through other ways.

File to PDF Converter can convert following files formats without uploading your files to server i.e your files not be shared with us or will not be uploaded by application in order to convert it.

Adobe Illustrator(Ai) to PDF
Adobe Photoshop(PSD) to PDF
BMP(Bitmap) to PDF.
PNG(Portable Network Graphics) to PDF

Camera Raws File Formats:

Camera Raw(.raw)
Casio Raw(.bay)
Digital Negative Image(.dng)
Epson Raw(.erf)
Fuji Raw(.raf)
Hasselblad Raw(.3fr)
Kodak Raw(.dcr)
Kodak Raw(.kdc)
Leica Raw(.rwl)
Leaf Raw(.mos),
Mamiya Raw(.mrw)
Olympus Raw(.orf)
Panasonic Raw(.rw2)
Pentax Raw(pef)
Samsung Raw(.srw)
SIGMA Raw(.x3f)

Source Code Files:

Supported languages: Ada (.ada), AutoHotkey (.ahk), ActionScript (.as), BASIC (.bas), C/C++ (.c, .cpp, .h), Coffee (.coffee), C# (.cs), CSS (.css), Dart (.dart), Gradle (.gradle), Groovy (.groovy), Haml (.haml), HTACCESS (.htaccess), Windows INI (.ini), Java (.java), JavaScript (.js), JSON (.json), Kotlin (.kt), Less (.less), Lisp (.lisp) Lua (.lua), Objective-C (.m), Makefile (.mk), Markdown (.md), Nim (.nim), NSIS (.nsi), Pascal (.pas), PHP (.php), Perl (.pl), Java Properties (.properties), PowerShell (.ps1), Python (.py), R Script (.r), Ruby (.rb), Sass (.sass, .scss), Bash (.sh), SQL (.sql), Swift (.swift), Tcl (.tcl), Visual Basic (.vb), XML (.xml), XQuery (.xq, .xquery), YAML (.yaml, .yml)

File formats that need to upload on server in order to convert to PDF:
Microsoft Word(DOC,DOCX)
Microsoft Powerpoint(PPTX,PPT)
EPUB files
EPS files

Languages supported by application:

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