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In this program, more than 550 kinds of cakes and delicious drink recipes, beautiful, stylish and varied collection of 12 different categories with this app the most delicious cakes and drinks to guests learn and do, and do Srvnh your children


★ Some of the features of the program:


★ has a search feature


★ add content to the favorites list


★ Share content with friends


★ Beautiful graphics and smooth ....


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12 Categories include 1-cakes 2-muffins and cookies 3-sweets Nowruz 4. Cookies 5-sweet 7-foot 6-cup muffin and hot drink 9-sherbets and tart 8. 10. stylish 11-blended smoothie 12. What other beverages


 12 Categories include


★ ★ 91 types of cakes


★ ★ 27 types of cakes and cookies


★ ★ 41 types of sweets Nowruz


★ 88 types of cookies ★


★ ★ 48 types sweeter


★ 30 types of muffin and cup ★


★ 27 types of pies and tarts ★


★ ★ 40 types of hot drink


★ ★ 20 kinds of syrup


★ 52 types of Asmmvty and stylish ★


★ ★ 30 types of mixes


★ ★ 15 different kinds of other drinks


List of Contents:


Brown Irish


Butter Cream Classic


Strawberry Pavlova heart


Nothing cake with dark chocolate


Cheese cake without baking


Things strawberry cake


Chocolate cheesecake


Hazelnut cheesecake


Low-fat cheesecake


Kiwi cheesecake


Paste simple fondant icing (for beautiful decorated cakes and pastries)


Zhlvkyk bicolor


Sweets grape Bashhd


Sponge cake


Black Forest Cake


Chocolate Ring Cake


Cake drenched in chocolate


Cinnamon cake


Pot pies


Dried dates


Dried thyme


Dried dates


Muffins with raisins


Peanut Muffins


Fruit is appreciable (Gilan)


Original Cookies Branch


Brown Cookies plug


Breakfast Cookies


Cookies Korean


Cookie Maker


Biscuits bicolor


Bakery Oscar


Paradise Bakery


Bakery Papatya


Pastry wheel


Bakery raster


Walnut cookie


Bakery Mashhadi (Germany)




Bakery Mikado


Chickpea cakes without oven


Donuts with raisins




Turkish baklava


Edible stylish package


Glass Cookies


Bakery jokes




Russian turnover




Tea bread Qazvin


Cream Donuts


Hub Donuts donuts with milk scheme


Roulette cream




Roulette cream without oven


Chocolate rolls


Roulette watermelon


Walnut rolls


Cream bread


Bread cream cone


Cup cakes


Cupcake chelation German


Cupcake watermelon


Cake Yazdi


Muffin Surprise


Muffin Pear


Muffin with raisins and walnuts


Cherry Pie


The bite


The berries


Fruit pie for breakfast


Apple Donuts Sugar


Apricot tart


Chocolate tart pomegranate


Hot pepper juice


Mocha Latte with pot


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Tea Yemen


Espresso regime


watermelon juice






Grape Syrup


Syrup Chia




3 Fruit Smoothie


Coffee Smoothie


Turk coffee


Cappuccino without the need for devices


The stylish Mocha cream


Chocolate Milkshake


Pomegranate milkshake


Banana Milkshake


Wines and pepper


Raspberry Aystk


Shyrmvz Hindi with basil


Energy drink


Drinks dates


Drink Mvhytv



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