Treat hair loss with mind

Treat hair loss with mind

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. راحت Easy and simple training to treat and even prevent hair loss and restore the beliefs of physical and mental illness by using the law of attraction and scientific and practical solutions to control the mind and beliefs.

💎 + By preparing, reading and understanding the concepts and rules of this book, you will enter a new section and experience of events in different aspects of life, especially in the field of physical and mental health.

 + Publish the real results of different people from the people of Iran.

💎 Taken from the latest sciences in the world in the law of attraction and help from the teachings of the Holy Quran on the subject of the health of soul and body.

.The content of this application can be used for all people and all ages and any background and familiarity with the law of attraction and the universe.


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The treatment of hair loss with the law of attraction (based on the real experiences of different people in the society) has been written, edited and published by Ali Heydari, the head of the team that developed the belief of silence.

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