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The Holy Quran

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This Quran application is a great way to study the Holy Quran English in terms of the current modern world. This application allows you to listen to Arabic reading and english translation in every surah. All surah are in high quality audio stream as mp3s. Internet connection is required to listen to the audios. 

This Quran (free) with audio app comes complete with all 114 surahs. With this Quran English Translation free application, you can hear the words of God no matter what time of the day it is or how busy you are. Just play the audio you want and listen! 

This Quran in clear and easy to read English, with beautiful audio, and full search. 

The best Quran translation; In modern English, clear, pure, easy to understand. Most faithful to the Arabic original

The App is easy to use, and is great for exploring the Quran, studying the Quran; listening, reading, searching the Quran. 

Features :

- Reading Quran with the portrait screen mode.

- Translation verse Quran in english.

- Translation Quran word by word in english.

- Audio murattal

- Search for meaning in the Quran.

- Easy to understand

Enjoy all on your mobile device now. We are looking forward to your feedback and any suggestions for improvement. Try to install now, it's FREE!

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