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****attention ****
zabdar is now free in full version :D
What is your record with ultimate speed of your mind?
Focus and play between these so many colors, if you can!!!
There are two kinds of game :
Ice mode for training and fire mode for competition.

you can see the video of this game uploaded in aparat by the below link

This game can be very useful meanwhile it is interesting.
You should find numbers and their product between labels as fast as possible and set a record. The guidance mode shows you the way. I tried to cover all age ranges with two modes.
Ice mode : in this mode you can find the answers with more peace. but!...the faster speed you have, better record you get. And of course there is limitation for false answers :D .
Fire mode :in this mode, if you are not fast enough, the time gets out! And of course in higher levels, controlling excitement leads to better success.
What is it good for?!!
**just play, and you won’t need multiplication table**
Zabdar as a happy and interesting game can be a brain’s performance amplifier for ages above 9 years old and also duo to reviewing multiplication table more and more during the game, it can be a very good practice for elementary and high school guys and even for guys who have conquer exam(because at this exam you can not use calculator and brain’s performance is very important!!).
If you enjoy games like 2048, I suggest you to try zabdar too.
And now I am talking to the parents…this game is the most interesting and scientific way for your childes and teenagers to learn multiplication table and it has no quarrel with our Iranian culture either.
We are waiting for and welcoming your suggestions and criticisms, and you can wait for new changes and updates.

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