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Periodic Table-Demo

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***This is a demo app. it shows just 40 elements properties out of 118 elements***

Periodic table, is a table showing the chemical elements by atomic number, electronic and chemical properties. Dmitri Mendeleev's is credited periodic table although this table was written before him by others. His table was published in 1869.

Today periodic table consists of 118 elements, 114 of them officially adopted by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry has been named. All 118 known elements in this program are included with the specifications. The information given in this application for all elements includes:
- Name, number, element symbol
- Chemical Group, Period, Block
- Color
- Density, hardness
- Atomic weight
- Atomic radii, covalent radii, van der Waals radius
- The electronic structure
- Crystal structure
- State
- Melting point and boiling point
- Heat of vaporization and heat of fusion
- Electronegativity
- Ionization potential energy
and ...

The elements in this app are displayed in two ways. A classification of groups such as alkali metals, transition metals, halogens and ... Another mode of classification based on element block, such as s-block, f-blocks and ...

- Ability to transfer to external memory
- Ability to display a table of information in both horizontal and vertical
- Possibility to zoom in and out Table

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