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Al-Arba'een application has been provided to facilitate event-writing of Arba'een pilgrimage and presented to the respectable pilgrims that can be used in other occasions and days of year.

All parts included in app have been explained briefly as follows:

Selected pictures: on top of page, first of all; a number of people pictures are placed that have been uploaded by themselves on alarbaeen.com which are updated automatically while connecting to Internet in definite span.

Camera: By selecting this button you can upload your photo or video.

Map: The map is representative of brief information about intra-city and extra-city of Iraq that in order to use more details (maximum zooming), the place intended should be zoomed to the end while connecting to Internet. In this case, while the network is disconnected; that part of map will be usable.

Prayers: this part includes prayers and works necessary for holy places pilgrimages that are compiled by focusing on Arba'een Days.This part by adding prayers voice, has tried the pilgrims continue to pray while walking.

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