Grand Speed Light Robot Battle

Grand Speed Light Robot Battle

Version 1.12
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Are you ready for brand new street robot speed light superhero games or super grand robot super hero. enjoy real time superhero fight between light speed robot and ,monster superheros, flying super robot superheros and shoot down all monster superheros in the grand city. you have a proper superheros team for street crime can build your superhero team for grand city street crime and destroy monster enemies places with speed hero robot electric fire.electric superhero robot attack on criminals and terrorist.your first duty is to cover whole city and protect the civilians from gangster and mafia crime hero.

In the most intense speed flying superhero robot games, control speedster electric superhero speedster simulator, move fast to the grand city and shoot all criminals one by one ,mafia superhero robot city battle in this transforming electric robot and fictional light superhero force games. Join wrongdoing army robot us city battle and win it with your unusual light saint power and executioner activities. transforming superhero robot city battle and battle with truly intense super powers with your super firing abilities.grand light robot legend present day wrongdoing grand superhero flying electric robot is always ready for your protection and battling city battle amusement in which you can use light unusual power as speed hero. become a light robot speed hero of city and give a full security in danger situation. who protect the general population from all criminal and bank robbery case.

Play as action street super hero robot speed 3D warrior Fight Simulator Game 2019. Your fight with your monster terror criminal superhero shadow in the arena combo street and criminals fighting skills. Use Special flying robotic skills of legend super iron robot hero your combo power superhero sword fighter game in teenage real grand city street criminal crime game to fight for survival and kill one by one terror and criminals. Start your electric speed running robot on street roads and rescue the people.transport injured people to the nearest hospital. this street combat arena to safe the kids or civilian from terrorist and shoot robber & dead crime with the edge of your sword blade. Drive a robot motorbikes in the futuristic grand city and be a turtle ramp bike rider and chase gangster speed bikes and shoot by pistol gun, So if you see a street mafia criminal & finish.

Become a Immortal superhero electric robot flying ninja power kick warrior and fight of ninja robot brave hero like a modern street superhero kung fu blade combo warrior free game to control bad criminals, thugs and daily crime scene in the mafia street battleground. special force is busy in a world crime city war with power terrorist and you have to play the role of revenger of superhero speed light robot street rescue fight game warrior to rescue the city.

Features of Grand Light Superhero Speed Robot Fight Game

-- ultimate Speed Light Hero combo fighting style
-- street electric robot combo hero for fight
-- Realistic street Environment
-- Amazing HD graphics
-- Addictive Game Play
-- Flashlight robot fast run free fighting style real adventure
-- Build your Superhero Rescue super team

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