Facial Features

Facial Features

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لطفا قبل از بروزرسانی برنامه را حذف کنید و دوباره از بازار اقدام به نصب آن نمایید.

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اضافه شدن امکانات جدیدی همچون لبخند شناسی و چهره شناسی با استفاده از حرکات چشم و طالع بینی و روان شناسی و...

Your face is the mirror of your personality. Statistical results have shown that there is a strong connection between facial features and personality traits
For example, you might have noticed that people who look alike tend to behave in the same way or at least have some common behavior or traits.
You may have also noticed that all young babies act the same way and that all of their facial features are almost the same (Curved forehead which reflects creativity, big cheeks which reflects energy and wide eyes for sensitivity...etc).

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