Alien Trace Track

Alien Trace Track

Version 1.0
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Drive UFO in space, track and save aliens.

In Alien Trace Track, you can drive a space vehicle in vast unique space. Your mission is to search for signs of mystery alien creatures. 
They are trapped and hidden deep in space. Control your UFO carefully avoid it from crashing, find and save them all!

There are six different spaces, each one is more complicated than the previous one. Only when you find and save all the 
aliens in the present space can you open the gate of a new world. 
Every time entering a new space, take your time to explore and discover. There might be gaps, traps, darkness, dangerous unknowns, and many more.

Get on your UFO, search for signs of lives!

---Six different spaces
---Gap, traps, darkness, unknowns
---Mysterious graphics and sounds effect

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