Aliens Arena: Mega Alien War Transform

Aliens Arena: Mega Alien War Transform

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Aliens Arena: Mega Alien War Transform Battle is real action 3d fighting ten game where you fight vs bad alien invasion plan to be ben the hero kid also known as earth protector inside an epic super heroes 3d street fighting.
Prove your skills in this action-packed aliens war star and use the heatblast cannon shoot or up speed using xlr8 velocity potion to cross obstacles and hard defeat alien enemies as humansaur power of the ten protector!
Make all mma fighting tecniques, and become a KO, you listen to the bell and you will know that the superhero fight has started, feel the fear of your rival and perform deadly street fighting techniques, mma keys, feel how you have the power in this fight simulator, perform incredible tricks to defeat your rival.
10 Games Series Features:
- Incredible 3D graphics You'll think they're real fights!
- More than 8 superheroes are waiting for fight!
- Differents xenodrome scenarios to fight.
- Quick Fight Mode For skilled fighters & alien fights for children, adults and kids toys!
- HD Sound You'll see what effects!
- Incredible combos. You'll be the best in this fighting game!

Download Now & Enjoy The 3D Battle!

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