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in the name of God

Imam Ali (AS) said: The Messenger of Allah was asked about Abjad, he said: Abjad learn to interpret because all the surprises, woe upon the world that its interpretation is ignorant.

Asmtvnv Abjd you want to know the scope of navigation and internet you do not have the book?

Do you know Abjad Ali is equal to 110?

Do you know Abjd Muhammad is equal to 92?

Application of Abjad:

A) The pages of the book with an introduction to some of the numbers are numbered.

B) the date of important events by combining Abjad for a word or a phrase or a sentence or poem in their meaningful to memorize it word Yaa phrase or sentence or verse, the date of the account.

C) The Music of Islam, the record sounds and Dsatyn of Abjad used. For example, Songs Shur with Abjad phrase were the "explanations is a combination of h e c t", and spaces and dimensions "i i c c i c c" in today's music as the notes of tuberculosis, Lakrn, DC flat, two, the, Mybml, f and G form.

D) sometimes in writing, to separate the different content from each other, with Abjad define them. For example, here Abjad for separate applications, they are designated by the letters A, B, C, and we have identified.

With this app easily Abjd every single word that you want to iron out, You can also use the information to learn how the program works ...

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