Online Translator English

Online Translator English

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Multilingual Online Translator

The Tri-Language Translator software can translate your slang and sentences into three languages ​​of the world.

Using this software is completely free and no fees can be paid.

You can also boost your language by entering your own words in this program

And speak English even. And a lot of other things.

Software Applications

1. Translation from Persian to English and vice versa

2. Translation from Persian to Turkish and vice versa

3. Translation from English to Turkish and vice versa

4. Translation from Arabic to Farsi, Turkish and English (coming soon ..)

--- Capabilities

1. Share translation with other programs

2. Copy the translation


1. An online translator

2. Professional translator

3. Translator English, Turkish, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, Korean, and ...

4. Translation

5. Let's go

6. Language training

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