Spectrolizer - Music Player +

Spectrolizer - Music Player +

Version 1.42.161
Install +10 K
Category Music & Audio
Size 12 MB
Last Update 2024 June 5
Spectrolizer - Music Player +

Spectrolizer - Music Player +

AICore Software
Version 1.42.161
Install +10 K
Category Music & Audio
Size 12 MB
Last Update 2024 June 5
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Spectrolizer is unique, hybrid audio player with stereo, spectrographic, interactive 3D music visualizer, based on advanced psychoacoustic spectrum analysis technology, developed by AICore Software.

What you will get in Spectrolizer:


✓ Multiple Layout and Color presets.
✓ Layout and Color presets editor.
✓ Multiple View Modes (Normal, Kaleidoscope, Sensors & VR, Pyramidal Reflector, Simple Reflector, dB Analyzer).
✓ Multiple Presentation Modes (Light Show, Ink Show, Custom Show with your own images on background).
✓ Multiple Interaction Modes which allows you to perform various actions inside a 3D scene of visualizer: rotation, movement, scaling.
✓ Ability to display the Visualization on external HDMI Display.


✓ Ability to play your tracks from Media Library or directly from storage or external USB storage folders.
✓ Ability to play Internet Media Streams.
✓ Media Library Browser with lots of features like sorting and grouping media tracks by Title, Album, Artist, Year, Duration, Date added, Folder, File Name or File Size.
✓ Ability to import M3U and PLS Playlists.
✓ Sound Effects: Virtualizer, Bass Boost, Equalizer, Loudness Enhancer, Reverb.
✓ Multiple queues.
✓ Gapless playback.
✓ Sleep Timer.
✓ Music playback Widget.


✓ Radio browser with thousands of radio stations from around the world, making it easy to find what you want by country, language or tag.
✓ Ability to filter and search for radio stations, as well as the ability to pin a list of preferred results for quick future reference.


Spectrolizer can visualize not only playing music, but also the audio recorded from the microphone of your device. You can easily turn the Spectrolizer into a powerful Audio Spectrum Analyzer, for this purpose it has:

✓ Special View Mode "dB Analyzer", which works with dB levels instead of psychoacoustic levels.
✓ Special flat Layout presets with no effects - more suitable for convenient spectrogram observation.
✓ Special high sensitive Color presets - more suitable for convenient spectrogram observation.
✓ Special Interaction Mode with Band Analyzer, which will show you dB level values of the selected band.
✓ Others convenient features. For example: Spectral Magnification (to make quiet signals more visible).

Enjoy using the Spectrolizer:

✓ As Color / Light Organ for home disco parties.
✓ With external HDMI Display, Ambilight TV or Projector.
✓ With VR Headset.
✓ With Pyramidal Reflector (Holographic Pyramid).

We use only main sound tones and most significant harmonics (overtones) displayed via pure high quality spectrograms and spectrum graphs generated at real-time.

In Spectrolizer, no pixel is drawn for no reason - just for beauty. All that you see is real data produced by a spectrum analyzer, and there is a lot of this data: Our spectrum analyzer has incredible characteristics and can produce real-time analysis for 600 bands (RTA 1/60) in stereo - total 1200 bands, and with result rate up to 500 results per second for each band. Eventually it can produce up to 600 000 results (new pixels in textures) per second (depends on CPU of device).

This makes the Spectrolizer the most effective music visualizer with the highest degree of correlation between a sound and produced visual content.

Only with Spectrolizer you will see how the singer's voice vibrates, you will see each beat of drumroll, you will not miss any of the shortest acoustic chirp (sweep signal), you will understand that the difference in the sound of various instruments can not only be heard, but also seen.

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