software question answer Porsojoo

software question answer Porsojoo

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Questions and Answers is the most comprehensive software in order to respond to audience questions in the fields of law, ethics, beliefs, social and cultural issues, youth, women, politics, family, etc. (with the possibility of accurate text question and answer) have been produced aimed at demystifying and familiarity new generation with the knowledge and ideas of religious, national and humanitarian principles was. This software has features and functionality as follows:

- Subjects in the form of 22 questions on a tree list the main topic and sub-topic 6000 and 52,000 questions and answers on various topics of ethical, religious, belief, inmate, religions, history and tradition, family life, women, youth, children, Wahhabism and ... (with text search features questions and answers)

- More than a thousand files presented lectures from experts in subjects such as historical query, orders, query ideological, messianic query, query Quran, Wahhabism query and ...

- Over 500 file Clip (image) of the speakers raised the country in such matters as: Ahl al-Bayt (as), appeals, orders, families, guided, Islamic medicine and the ability to download and storage on the phone

- Introduce more than sixty reputable Response Centre along with Full profile (administrators, Web Address center, phone numbers, etc.) that are online via the Internet and telephone inquiries people.

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