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Invaluable Baha'i is a comprehensive scientific-research software about the Baha'i heresy that aims to meet the scientific and research needs of digital space users in relation to this heretical sect and also to make the younger generation more familiar with the deviant group. And Zionism is Baha'i.

Some of the features and contents of this product are as follows.


Presenting a complete list of Baha'i history in a thematic way (Genesis, Branches, in Iran, in the Qajar Era, Baha'i and American, Baha'i and British, etc.) in 260 titles

personalities, characters

Introducing the leaders and influential figures in the emergence of the Baha'is (such as: Zarrin Taj Qazvini, Kazem Rashti, Ahmad Ehsaei, Abbas Effendi, Ali Mohammad Bab, Qudus, Mirza Hossein Ali Nouri, etc.) in 150 titles

Thoughts and thoughts

Provide a comprehensive list of Baha'i ideas and customs in 265 titles

News and Crimes

More than 150 Baha'i news and activities and crimes around the world


More than 19,000 Baha'i encyclopedias


The Digital Library contains more than 160 books on the Baha'i Faith


230 articles on Baha'i beliefs, thoughts, and doubts


Introducing about 450 titles of books and articles about the Baha'is in Persian, English, and other languages, along with the possibility of accessing their list.


Includes lectures by Professor Mardani, Professor Baziaz, Hojjatoleslam Anjounejad, Professor Rezanejad and Professor Roozbehani on the Baha'i Faith


Comprehensive and complete introduction of some repentant and saved personalities from the Baha'i community, such as: Ms. Mahnaz Raufi, Adib Masoudi, Hossein Fallah, Fazlullah Mohtadi, Abdolhossein Ayati, etc.

Software features

1- Ability to send content through social networks

2 - Advanced search with the ability to separate the domain on each part of the program

3- Ability to change the text size

4 - Ability to change text fonts (more than 8 beautiful fonts)

5. Ability to transfer content to favorites list

6- Possibility to view the last read article

-------- Attention -------

Hints :

1 - Before buying, please make sure the correct operation of the program on your phone and then buy the software (by default, the first 3 articles of each topic are free)

2- To use the audio files in the lecture section, you need to connect to the Internet, and sometimes due to the problem of speed (from the user) or the problem of unavailability of the server (excessive consumer access causes slow or short-term failure of the site. It is difficult to download and install the information. In this case, it is recommended that you receive additional information about the program at another time.

3 - Application volume in ready-to-install mode (apk) 34.5 MB

The size of the application database after installation is 87 MB (the zipped database file is 23 MB, which is 87 MB after extraction)

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