Zoom Technologies
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Zoom Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is the leading provider of network and security training with a special focus on Cisco , Microsoft , Linux , Firewalls and VMware. Learn from the comfort of your home or come join us at our world class facilities for a truly enriching training experience.This app will give you help you navigate the courses we offer and purchase them with ease. You will also get access to the many exciting offers we offer exclusively to our app users. Here’s why you need to choose Zoom for your training :

20+ years of providing training ,consulting solutions and implementing large turnkey projects.
200+ Engineers - The number of Certified Trainers in Microsoft, CISCO, VMware, Linux, Security Etc. we have on board
200K+ Students- Trained and employed worldwide.
Learn Anywhere -Switch between your devices without losing your place.
The best training at the most cost effective prices
Exclusive partner of US-Council for providing Ethical Hacking courses.

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