Lock screen displays notifications

Lock screen displays notifications

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The first and only lock screen notifications in Persian?

Also when your mobile out of pocket smart lock screen is bright

For example, when you have missed a call from a contact icon on the lock screen. Will be shown and click on the icon and message will display contact information as well as contact options

on the lock screen, you use different animations and fun

The software download 5 million people and is one of the most popular and most widely used scoring 4.3 lock screen notifications reader and worldwide

The distinguishing feature of this software with foreign competitors:

+ * Beautiful design and stunning *

+ * Use Mjavt sensor interface software without touching the (first) *

+ * Ability to display the time, battery status, date and your preferred widgets on the lock screen along with the ability to click the *

+ * View all notifications for professionals in the screen with the ability to read and respond to notifications

+ * Ability to customize and choose the color of the circle lock - background - art and ... *

+ * Specified hours of active and passive Software *

+ * Display a list of applications and the ability to show or not show notifications from an application by the user *

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