2d Data Plotter

2d Data Plotter

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2d Data Plotter is a simple and free graph plotting android app which can be used to plot 2 dimensional X-Y data most easily. It should be extremely useful, not only to students of all ages and disciplines in schools and colleges, but also to anyone wanting to check quickly the behavior of theoretical or experimental data.

The app has been translated to German, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

One may change the axes ranges to observe a particular portion of the graph in greater detail. Provision for using automatically calculated axes ranges has also been made. One may label the axes, insert a graph caption as also text and arrow annotations.

The latest version has a revamped, visually appealing and more user-friendly interface.

Data rows can be added or deleted one by one..one need not know the number of rows of data beforehand.

Snapshots of the whole or any select portion of the graph and also of the data may be taken from within the app itself and saved to the device memory.

Linear curve fitting of the plotted data may be carried out.. other non-linear curve fitting techniques are available in the full-version, a.k.a. 'Lab Plot n Fit' app by the same authors.

Demo examples showcasing its features as also of the full-version have been included.

Abhijit Poddar and Monali Poddar.

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