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Detectives Club is an adventure game that is designed for smartphones by Aanimator Company. The story is about solving a murder case that to solve it the detective should find all the clues and answer the questions he has in mind. In order to solve the case and get clues, the detective should talk with people involved in the murder scene or the suspects of the case and interrogate them. He should also examine the murder scene evidence, sometimes fingerprints, a mysterious trace or a clothing button that is surviving in the murder scene. During the game, these evidences will assist him to solve the case. In the meantime, the detective should solve some mysteries to get the clues. The game environment is fully three-dimensional and real-time. Since the story takes place in early Pahlavi period, the game environment has been made in the style of old Tehran. Lalehzar Street, Grand Hotel and etc. have been just renovated to enhance the gaming fun. Costume and set design and the two-dimensional graphics of the game are according to that period. All of these features have made Detectives Club as one of the best adventure games in its genre.

Note: The first stage of the game can be played by installing the game, but other parts will need to be downloaded.

The first case : The story of the Madam
The murder case took place in the early days of the century, the time when Iran's judicial system and its inspectors faced political tensions and instability. At this juncture, one of the wealthy people of the capital that is close to Shah's court is tragically murdered. The murder took place at the guesthouse, so that the crew and the husband did not realize it, the dead body was found at 6 AM by the servant, and the evidence shows that the victim was in her room until one or one thirty AM and then went to the guesthouse. Because of the importance of this issue, the top authorities set of one of the most skillful for the investigation to find the criminal.

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