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Have you ever thought of a crow mailman?

* What if the crow loses the envelopes? What if they are torn?

* What will happen to Mr. Crow if Mr. Bear gets mad?

* What’s going on in the dark jungle?

* Do you have any idea what the “Passapoofa” letter is all about ?

What is an interactive storybook?

It’s a digital storybook with games and animation in which the user is able to communicate with a variety of characters. A number of mini-games are incorporated in this storybook so the users (children) could run an animation or a make move by touching different spots. In this way the user can better interact with the story and is no more a mere viewer or listener. This attracts the users and encourages them to learn educational and moral points while gaining a sweet experience and making memorable moments. “ Mr. Crow Don’t open the envelope” teaches the children honesty and accountability by means of storytelling as well as attractive illustrations and games.

“ Mr. Crow Don’t open the envelope”

- Story, game, excitement and choice

- Specially designed for children

- Encouraging children to read books

- Bilingual (Farsi/English)

- A safe environment for children, no advertisements, no in-app purchases

- Utilizing the services of the best professionals in storytelling, illustration, animation, music, voice acting and child psychology

- Fully animated characters

- Lots of interaction possibilities on a variety of scenes

- Highlighted subtitles for kids who have just learned reading and writing

About Yoozpa Game studio

Yoozpa Game Production Studio is a small but highly dynamic and independent company involved in the production of digital interactive storybooks for children. Availing itself of highly professional teams of storytellers, animators, voice actors and child psychologists, it takes advantage of cell phone and tablet features to produce interactive stories and games fit for children.

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