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How much do you value your children ??

Are your kids play age appropriate games?

If your child is interested in drawing and painting cartoon designs And you like to give us the gift of fun and informative as we offer you colorful.
A program that allows you to paint colorful shapes And cartoon characters such as Tom and Jerry, Ogi, Bob is lovely and lots of character.

Generally, children ages 3 to 6 years old do not have sufficient knowledge of the surrounding area As a result, subsequent color to misread.

Paint color paste with a little child will understand.When your child understand the attraction of color played And you know what color to put in place gradually learns to do things around the place Bgzard.


-Mnasb For Android 2.3 and up
-Mnasb For ages 3 to 6 years
- The program has two parts, one for children and the second part is dedicated to our dear parents.
-Daray Happy songs and Iranian children
Staining children
-Khlaqyt Coloring
Understand position color
Error different
-Daray Various environments Painting
-Rng Complete fonts
-Mhyt Happy and childlike
-Mnvy Happy and Persian
With your support, updates and more exciting to experience different forms

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