Teddy Bear Zipper Lock Screen

Teddy Bear Zipper Lock Screen

Version 4.2.1
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🌟 Make your phone even more beautiful with this amazing lock screen theme! 🌟

Prepare for one of the cutest zipper lock screen apps on the market! If you love adorable teddy bears, this “zipper lock screen” is perfect for you! You can choose your favorite lock screen background with ease. Match the zipper type (either horizontal or vertical) and finish everything up with a magnificent pendant. Select the date and time format and decide whether you want to see the battery strength, missed call and message notifications. Click the preview button to check if the zipper lock screen looks exactly like you wanted and your new teddy bear lock screen is finished! Download 🐻 Teddy Bear Zipper Lock Screen 🐻 now and let the magic begin!

How to set your new zipper “lock screen”:

🔒 Check the 'Enable lock screen' box;
🔒 Enter your password and then re-enter it for confirmation;
🔒 Customize your lock screen theme.


🌟 Pick your cute girly “lock screen wallpaper”!
🌟 Select the zipper and pendant!
🌟 Choose AM/PM or 24h time setting!
🌟 Turn date on/off!
🌟 Choose the date format!
🌟 Show or hide the battery!
🌟 Keep your privacy protected all the time!

🎀 Download our new 🐻 Teddy Bear Zipper Lock Screen 🐻 for your smartphone or tablet right now! 🎀

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