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The Nikoo Augmented Reality Knowledge Base application, along with the Bag, is the first in a series that features an interface in three languages: Farsi, English and Arabic. Teaching prayer with animated girl as well as translating verses into Farsi and English. For the first series of the Nikoo Collection, girls ages 6 to 9 and those who have reached the age of homework are selected and ready to go on the market. In development, education for boys will be added as well. The series has additional programs that are being added to its development, including education related to educational and religious topics.

  • Usage:

Buy the Nikoo Pray Bag, from online stores or outlets across the country.

The Nikoo Smart Pray can be made in three colors: pink, purple and green.

Install and run the app on your phone. Enter your mobile number and the serial number inside the bag sent to you along with your smart phone to activate it for you, grab your phone's camera, and enjoy the augmented reality.

  • App Features:

1- Watch the girl's 3D animation.

2. High quality model.

3. Easy to use application so that you can see the result with a few simple touches.

4- Trilingualism

5- Translating verses into simple psychics


Knowledge-Based Vice Presidential Science and Technology

Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Shamad Code: 1-2-663947-36-0-8

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  • Telegram support: @PARS_SAVA
  • Chanel  Telegram Nikoo: @Ar_Nikoo
  • Application  Support:  09158942202- 09364418225- 09153223530

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