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Super professional software for creating and editing personal and artistic
One of the most powerful software photo editor in Farsi, with a menu entirely Persian

Retouch and enhance the quality and edit your photos done by means of this excellent program
With this app you have all the tools together to work on the photo.

The program has several effects that you can use your photos, color and contrast change, write text on photos and other capabilities.

The program has different tools and possibilities of your photos in best mode and edit just a few seconds!

Select your desired photos from the gallery or take a new photo with your camera
A simple Photoshop in your hands
• Ability effects easy (unique visual effects)
• Ability to put the frame on the image
• A variety of different stickers
• Crop, rotate, mirroring, and many other tools on the Pictures
• Ability to focus the image
• Ability to rotate the image to the desired levels and in different directions
• Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, Warmth, sharpness with one click
• Ability splash (change the color of an area like the color of the eyes Dlkhvah-)
• The possibility of drawing on the image and add text to an image
• Equalization colors and color control
• Touch and additional noise and enhance the artistic quality photos
• environment Farsi and has a beautiful interface and fast
• Equalization colors and color control
• Set the red-eye

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