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physical health of infants, the main concerns parents have when a child is just. Thus the emergence of signs of trouble or certain diseases in infants, sudden anxiety, fear and panic, as they often lose the ability to make decisions and react correctly.
As young parents, those who encounter difficulties or illness occurred to me that my baby's first steps, Using the experience of others, including mothers, or go to the internet and reading books on this subject .and The ultimate solution would be to see a doctor. (Which is possible only during non-holidays).
Consider now the case where we have a program on your phone just by asking a few questions of the history and current status of the baby, Quite intelligent problem detection and newborn advice and solutions to improve the relative position provided he does or Dangerous or emergency situations before wasting time to inform us.
(My infant), the first program in the background to detect and fix problems in infants is quite smart Unlike similar applications need to spend a lot of time and trouble detection and ranging from parents All these smart instead of their own and ask a few short questions, such as a nurse or physician and Alt identify potential problems and take action as baby ahead of us is.

Issues that are addressed in this program include:
1 - Sleep problems in infants
2 - cry too much
3 - Fever in Infants
4 - vomiting
5 - for diarrhea
6 - Feeding problems in infants
7 - slow weight gain
8 - skin problems
In addition to the above guidelines have been developed as well as the skills to help The study raises awareness that young women and reduce their concerns infants will encounter problems.

Recommend this program to all reputable sites like and has been prepared on behalf of any content and experience to add to it or not.

It is hoped that this product might be interesting for young parents and the feedback about the product in Or the need to develop these programs in specific disease problem, Notify me by email to schedule content to be included in a future update.

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