ABC Alphabet - Letter Tracing & Learning Colors

ABC Alphabet - Letter Tracing & Learning Colors

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"ABC Letters Tracing" is a unique method for tracing letter, supported by dotted lines and arrows indicating where to begin and how to form each letter. children can trace with their finger, a flap to lift to find a surprise, and bright illustrations! Your child will develop the fine motor control needed for Kindergarten while also learning to recognize each letter and it's sound!

Learn tracing uppercase and lowercase alphabets from A to z
Interactive Alphabet Flashcard Learning
Shape Tracing
Guess The Alphabet & Color Game for toddler
Fruits, Animals & Car Coloring
Learn & Fill Colors with Nail Art Foot Design
Interactive way to trace the alphabets by hand
Voice for each Alphabet
All activities are FREE to play

This app will help your child to learn, write, read and pronounce English alphabets with more ease and fun for free. Funny and engaging Alphabets/letter games will attract parents and kids alike.

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Enjoy! Learn and have fun!

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