BTS Messenger 2 (simulator)

BTS Messenger 2 (simulator)

Version 1.0
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☆.。.:*No Wi-fi necessary!.。.:*☆
💌Enjoy fake chatting with your favorite members of BTS! 💌
Receive fake texts and calls as if they were from BTS (not really though)~ YOU fake text & call BTS (fictional) and even have some ✧ romance ✧ with your bias, and some ☆ drama ☆ between you, your bias, and your bias wrecker~ (not the real members, but the fictional simulation members in the game)

☆ Enjoy the romantic storyline where YOU choose who you date & who is just casual friends ♡
☆ Receive fake messages from all 7 fictional/fake members ♡
☆ Get live message notifications throughout the day. (fake)
💌 Jungkook (1)
hey Y/N are you goi... 💘12:48 PM
☆ DON'T forget that the storyline includes fake phone calls from different members!~

💟Customize your BTS Messenger 💟
Choose the BG music, change the wallpaper, edit the members' names in contacts, choose your own ringtones, and much more!~ ♡

☆ NOTE: Since this is a dating chat simulation game, you must choose your responses wisely if you want to end up with your fictional in-game bias ♥, so this storyline is ✧interactive✧ and up to YOU! (also note that this is all purely a fictional simulation game)
☆.。.:*BTS Messenger 2 Features.。.:*☆
💖 Interactive storyline, centered around ending up with your bias (dating?)
💝 Fake text messages as if they were from BTS (not real)
💘Receive fake phone calls as if they were from BTS (not real)
💞Fake Text & call the in-game fictional members!
💗Receive live message notifications (fake)
💕100% customizable (ringtone, wallpapers, names, music & more ☆)
❤️Skip wait times with your hearts
☆.。.:* And much more!
☆Download today!☆
DISCLAIMER: this app is 100% fake. Nothing is real. It's just a game that's supposed to simulate interaction with BTS (with a storyline done with fake calling and texting). The members in the game are not the real members, but just fictional portrayals/simulations of them.
Hi I'm just a fangirl. I'm not associated with BigHit in any way  ̄▽ ̄ thank u

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