شعر یادت هست؟

شعر یادت هست؟

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In the name of God
The project "Do you remember the poem" was completed and ready for dissemination
Start the program in January and in July was 92 years ended 93
It's all my code, graphics and beautiful building, testing and other things alone and went to the
God alone was hard work, but thank God I was able to finish the work well done and I hope I will do it!
All art and science to implement this program, I tried to draw and I hope you're satisfied with your servant Support

Well, we do description of the program:
The program is Shryadt? If you were to play the song while playing was suddenly interrupted next to you likes guess is 17 thread
That the following issues
Mohammad Alizadeh, 12 tracks
Ehsan Khajeh Amiri 13 songs
Mohsen Chavoshi 16 songs
Tracks 14 Maziar Fallahi
Farzad Farzin 15 songs
17 country love songs (songs that were read to our country Iran)
Like water across 11 tracks (the reader who singers almost em Avnr)
Old 15 tracks (including songs and old Shadmehr allowed)
18 Love Songs
Welcome to 15 songs
Pop Song 24
Reza Sadeghi 18 songs
21 Happy Song
Singles, 14 tracks
25 Song Titles
Winter 92-20 songs
Mohsen Yeganeh 20 songs

Each participant in the program, the help you give a gift!
Program as I said its construction lasted until the Persian date Mordad 93 Persian date Bahman 92
283 is a song! Coordinated with subtitles
I tried to put the volume low Hdalmqdvr! Without compromising the quality of the songs!
If you have any questions, you can still be in touch with me Engineer.KasraZare@gmail.com

I spoke with a dear friend who would like to comment, and we'll have the support or guidance:
They are a bunch of friends to a small or minor flaw quickly see a star, and they are worth the trouble for several months of the programmer's question
Review the normative definition of good and evil come to recognize that criticism is Crescent
Check out the advantages and disadvantages of an
That makes Ppshrft person or the effect of
After a principled critique critique saying that the ethical principles to be the BS
This Lvvvvs Bazyayy because I totally mine Jhanyh Review
We're going to criticize ourselves.
The professional and ethical standards and progress and all it's offerings
If you go with a pair of the spleen, subject to his criticism of the ear into the
So much the better. Why? As a quick side or counsel or the captain was totally razed
Very Good
I have a few friends, please be patient if you want to give fair warning or critical to take into consideration

I hope you have happy moments and happy together
Kasra Zare

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