Shetab 2

Shetab 2

Version 3.0.1
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Shetab 2

Parking simulator with free in-town intersection

A near-reality experience to challenge the ability to park a car in difficult situations

Possibility to get around the city and enjoy the unique experience of driving a car


Realistic and optimized graphics for all Android models

Has 30 diverse and professional park stages

Addictive and challenging gameplay

The closest experience to park the car to the real world

Flexible and intelligent camera

17 models of Iranian and foreign cars

All cars with precise physical specifications

Unique exhaust sound for individual models

23 sticker models and high quality body tags

Professional color system

Adjustable height system

Ability to change the color of the rims

10 rear wing models for all cars

A great city with high quality and elegant elements

Inside the garage and quality parking

All cars are designed and textured in great detail

Three different control modes (command, accelerometer and flash sensor)

Beautiful and special music for the menu and the main game environment

Possibility to adjust graphics for optimal playability on all Android devices

Soon with a new upgrade for the steps and upgrades of the car. . .

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