Treatment of foot and knee pain

Treatment of foot and knee pain

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In this program you will learn how to create foot pain, knee pain, how to deal with this problem and prevent the boot. These exercises involve movements that will be assigned to you and the image of the world's best articles on Foot and knee pain is collected and translated.

The program is a partnership with Mr. doctor Ali Talebi prepared and placed in the hands of your loved ones.
The content of this program include:
Deviation foot finger
Walk on their toes
The child walking on foot
Flat foot
Treatment of flat foot
Exercise to correct the flat foot
Flat feet and pain in the feet
Heel spur
Rotation of the ankle into
Of rotation and tilt toe into
Bandy legs and treatment
Deal with brittle nails
The disadvantages of artificial nails
Diabetic foot ulcers
Cruciate knee
Knee parenthesis
Walk into
Heel pad
IPad Mtanars
Corrective Exercises
Plantar pressure measurements.
Sandals medical
Shoe prevent ulcers in people with diabetes
Sandals Ankle medical treatment
And ...
Will be.
Among the features of the program:

2. The causes of foot pain, knee pain include
3. include the prevention and detection of foot pain, knee pain.
4. include rehabilitation of leg pain and knee pain
5. The ability to add content to favorites
6. Find the capability lists
7. The ability to change the text color
8. The ability to change the wallpaper
9. The ability to change the Font type and size.
10. It Persian
11. Supports HD Xdpi
And ...
* Note: This program is suitable for devices with Android 3.0 and above.
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Sony Xperia Z
Huawei G610
HTC Desire 610

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