Little Builder - Construction Simulator For Kids

Little Builder - Construction Simulator For Kids

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Little Builder - Construction Simulator For Kids Include,
-Build City Road Construction Game
-Build Bridge Construction Game
-Build Wall Construction Game
-Build Tower Construction Game
-Road Cleaning Game

Little Builder Construction Simulator Feature :
-Operate the crane and build a new roof for the house.
-Mix cement and build a real wall.
-Use all the different machines and vehicles like JCB, earthmover, tractor, truck, dozer, cranes !
-Do activities like building Wall with brick and concrete
-cleaning the streets
-Wall painter : painting Wall with your favourite colours
-entertaining and educational game
-easy to use for children and preschoolers, babies, little boys and little girls
-exercise your toddler fine motor skills
-Promotes problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination
-A lot of different construction machines and vehicles
-Build houses, Road, Bridge and many other construction activities
-control different machines, such as concrete mixer truck, cranes, excavator, trucks, tractor and JCB.
-Optimised for all tablet and smartphone
-Offline game play

Help your kids to learn and inspire your toddler's creativity and imagination in the best Construction

Enjoy this building experience and prove yourself to be an excellent construction worker.

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