Kids Toy Car Driving Game

Kids Toy Car Driving Game

Version 3.0.13
Install +2 K
Category Racing
Size 25 MB
Last Update 2023 September 3
Kids Toy Car Driving Game

Kids Toy Car Driving Game

Version 3.0.13
Install +2 K
Category Racing
Size 25 MB
Last Update 2023 September 3
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Buckle up kids, we are going on a ride!
You will love this Car driving simulator game with carwash and auto mechanics.
This fun and educational game for kids is like sitting in the driver's seat with all the extras included. You can freely interact and explore the car equipment, turn on the devices on the dashboard. To create a fun and educational experience we also added a carwash and auto mechanic. Driving our free car game will become an unforgettable journey for all little drivers.

Why you will love it?
+ Drive in a world of sights and sounds
+ Fully working dashboard and driving controls
+ Develops creativity and imagination
+ Super fun- to play and learn!
+ Kid-friendly interface
+ Great driving game for little kids, both boys and girls!
+ Extremely easy and intuitive to play!

If you love good driving fun - this is the best car simulator app!
Fun activities to discover all around the car - honk the horn, shift gears and much more fun to discover.

Turn the engine on and start driving!

This Toy Car Fun driving game is designed for all future drivers as free to play car app. There are no high scores, failures, limits or stress. You can learn by role-play using imagination and learn at your own pace.

Game modules:

Driving - offers the ability to explore the car from the driver's perspective. Player can freely interact with the equipment turn on the devices on the dashboard and much more.

Car mechanics - it’s time to roll up your sleeves and play as a mechanic. Look under the hood and change automotive fluids. Find out how a car works. Great to practice full motor skills and color recognition.

Car wash - clean the car with brushes, soap, and bubbles. Feel free to make the car dirty and wash it all over again to make the car clean and sparkling!

This Toy Car Game will surprise you with many realistic effects inside and outside the toy car!

We recommend our interactive game for toddlers and preschool children.
Our app was designed to develop cognitive skills and learn about cause and effect. As a role- play app it helps foster imagination by engaging into fun and realistic activities.

Download the game to develop role playing skills.

Galante Games is a team of designers and engineers dedicated to creating best educational and fun to play apps. Thanks to our car games children are able to safely and creatively explore the world around them.
We support education as best as we can, so please, help us make this application
better. If you have any suggestions, remarks or comments, let us know, send us an email!
Questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us!

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We recommend this free driving game for all future drivers!

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