Pedal2 SpeedBreakers

Pedal2 SpeedBreakers

Version 1.9
Active installs

Note: description to read at the end of the run and you have no trouble loading the game.

Pending finally finished and released the second version of the game Buckley pedals offer a new feature.

* To run the game you need to at least 1 GB of RAM.

* Datetime set yourself before entering the game.

* Have enough space to install.

We'll provide a completely Iranian big city with lots of new songs and happy.

Microchips have tried to play air like the first game, okay.

We'll also general sports equipment are not all means are generally free to Gzashtym.

Using the music player of the game:

1.bala right Ahngtvnv can change

The sound of heavy camo on the right track and can not 2.vlvm

3.mytvnyd song from the middle of the front and rear Player.

4.ahngv whenever you want, you can enable or disable the left.

 tools Hatvnv tell me to put in the next update after ... *****


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