Flash Light Blink On Call

Flash Light Blink On Call

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Not all smart phones offer default Flash Light Blink On Call or messages. Only few models offer this luxurious feature. So, If you like the idea of flashlight blinking on incoming call and sms, check our our notify app, free of charge! You are offered to adapt the ringing flashlight download to your liking. Turn flashlight off or on for text messages or incoming calls and browse through other options. You also get to decide at what time this led torch light should stop indicating your notifications – choose this option if your battery is low. Speaking of battery life, led flash notification light for Android™ is a friendlier option for batteries! You don't even have to activate the device or turn on the home screen! Let led light for notifications remind you about missed calls and other information! Are you at a party? Or in a meeting? Stress no more about missing out the activity on your device! Just turn on the flash on call and sms! Flash alert app is here so you don't miss out on phone activity! Customize your flash alert notification the way you want! Missed call alert when phone is off is here!

➤ This led blinker notification isn't just flashing led for calls – get notified about messages too!

You will use "Flash Light Blink On Call" when phone ring flash light blink! Also, you can opt for message notification light! Incoming Call Flash Light uses a LED indicator that shines bright so you can see it anytime, anywhere! Front flash light torch will blink on the front of your cell phone! Enable Led flash for alerts for different modes: normal mode, vibrate mode or silent mode. Don't forget to set start and end time for call alert and SMS alert notifications. Get flashlight alert for notifications right now and stay up to date with newest customization apps! You get to choose whether you want slow or fast blinking flash alert on call!

➤ Phone call flash led light app with flashing light when phone rings or text message is FREE

Stay informed with Flash Light Blink On Call at all times! Also, if you do not want to read a message and want to avoid it - blinking text alert flash will activate and you'll know that an unwanted message arrived! The same goes for missed calls - phone call flash light activates and you know someone tried to contact you! The flash blinking on call and sms text is a super cool app that reminds and informs you! Don't miss call flash app!

➤ Blinking light when phone rings is your savior at parties and meetings!

Flash light blinking alert on incoming calls for Android will let you know about activity on your device without any trouble. The light when phone rings and messaging is extremely useful in numerous situations, so it is a must-have app for all business man and text-addicts! Are you chatting with someone and waiting for that juicy reply? Call alert flashlight will start blinking immediately after the phone receives a call or a message! And you can also decide if you want flesh alert blink fast or slow – set the on and off length! Use this notification editor if you want to stay up to date with activity on your phone! Not all phones come with led notification so, it's a LUXURY to have flash alert on your device! Blinker app will use your camera flashlight app so make that calling flashlight blink! Stay aware of what is going on with your device with one of the most useful notification apps for Android! Turn on that torch notification!

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