FullHD Blinking CallerID

FullHD Blinking CallerID

Version 1.0
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FHDBCID is an easy way to have :

Full screen Caller photo ,Unlimited  incoming call recorder without any BEEP sound.

FHDBCID is tested and we saw full function in samsung mobiles which Equipped with android 3 & 4. like GT mega - note 2 note 3 Note 4.

Currently  appears   google  dose not allowed to process incoming  calls with Programmed plan in Lollipop. Also huawei and htc did the same in some devices, but there is a chance for the rooted devices , the permissions are sets "false" by default. JUST search the google to correct  and set the permissions to "true" in some "prop" files.

Recorder button will be enabled only on you accept the incoming call.

Call recording  is not automatic operation . so you record calls on your responsibilities.

For the better results on select caller photo, use the app builtin camera method.

If the app feedback's is good ,we will back with a big update.

If you need the app in english, please send your request,

your  suggestions or bug reports will be helpful.

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