Megane Drift Simulator

Megane Drift Simulator

Version 5.0
Install +50 K
Category Simulation
Size 78 MB
Last Update 2023 July 5
Megane Drift Simulator

Megane Drift Simulator

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Version 5.0
Install +50 K
Category Simulation
Size 78 MB
Last Update 2023 July 5
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Are you bored with other fake simulation games? This Simulation game is for you. Get the Megane model car. Drift or drive whatever you want. The taste of driving the Megane on 6 different maps is another.

Features of the game;

- 7 different modification options. ( Color Setting, Wheel Setting, Winding Setting and other varieties.)
- 6 different driving dynamics. ( Realistic driving dynamics. Realistic Drift Dynamic and other varieties. )
- 3 different weather events. ( It is rainy, snowy, sunny. )
- 6 different maps. ( City, Snowy Mountain, Green Valley, Drift Arena, Desert, Racing. )
- 3 different car models. ( Aventador, Scirocco, Megane. )
- 4 different cameras. ( Normal, Drift, Cockpit, Action, Random. )
- 3 different controls. ( Steering, Right - Left, Automatic Gas. )
- 5 different features. ( Headlight System, Horn, Slow Time Feature, Turbo and Police Sireni. )
- Car signal system. ( The car signal feature is available. If you want, you can open the signals. )
- Suspension system. ( You can adjust the suspension. High or Low? )
- 13 different levels. Can you finish the hard levels? Begin and you be first.
- Internal driveability. In-car driving is available.
- Advanced color adjustment system. ( With different color settings you can adjust the color you want. )
- Racing system. ( If you want, you can do some challenging races. )
- Traffic system. ( You can use the car in accordance with traffic rules. )
- Easy and realistic driving experience and Driving Simulator Controls.
- Robust steering wheel, buttons and touch steering.
- Steering, Gear, Hand Brake, Gas and Brake Controls.
- Optimized settings menu.
- Realistic Camera Effects and Graphics.
- Advanced artificial intelligence system.
and more..

Aventador, Scirocco and the Megane drift is no longer amazing. Drift or drive on your throttle with your top model car P1. If you like, drift on the warm sand of the desert with Mustang. If you want to go around town with Megane.

Come on, what are you doing? Are you going to play this realistic Simulator?


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