Deadly project

Deadly project

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The lethal project is a clever and crazy mission of a doctor who seeks to assassinate important people by disturbing genetically modified organisms and disturbing the city ...

The story is about a young policeman embarking on a strange mission ... In this mission he is overseen by a veteran police commissioner who is very close to completing this strange but assassinated mission while our young police are planning an unfinished mission. But he has no idea what a strange and scary adventure he has ...

This game is just for getting to know the story and how to play the game and the riddles are quite simple to get acquainted with the story and style of the game, the next episodes are quite colorful and its riddles are also difficult as well as the power of decision making with the person Yours means that the story of the game is completely changed, so the game has several different ends ...

The game guide is on the telegram channel as well as news on upcoming episodes as well as our in-game games.

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