Counter Black Ops Strike 2

Counter Black Ops Strike 2

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Counter Black Ops Strike 2, is the sequel of Counter Black Ops Strike. In this shooting game one can enjoy realistic combat skills and close calls to death.
Black Operation Force was created by secret service agencies of our country to attack the enemy forces and to destroy their strength. Black Ops were provided with most advanced guns, rifles, shotguns, snipers and machine guns. Black Ops Force was also used to attack enemy sensitive compounds for stealing their war secrets. All of a sudden Black Ops were caught by UM army. Black Ops were brain washed by UM army secret programs. We immediately started a mission to prepare Counter Black Ops Strike Force. Our all the secret army, commando, ranger and SWAT hideouts were compromised.

Now the Black Ops with the enemy forces joined, attack our bases killing every soldier, commando and army person. They got skilled commando and snipers who does not even make a mistake. Latest weapons are provided to them to attack us. Now this mission includes you and only you as a silent killer to one of our prime base that holds up the super computer with all other base blueprints. You need to go there, kill them to save computer from unlocking. If you fail at least you kill the computer.

- Realistic 3D environment
- Latest guns, rifles and snipers
- Cool animations
- Fantastic Gameplay
- Great Sound effects

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