Crafting Island Survival

Crafting Island Survival

Version 1.3.8
Active installs

Learn to survive and craft on crafting island survival!
Explore and find crafting items on land or in the sea!
Gather Resources chop trees and build a secure base!
Use your hunting skills to hunt animals for food and cloth.
Use inventory to craft many items.

Game Features:

-Explore Massive island and ocean swim underwater find loot

-Hunt in the wilderness

-Find food and water keep warm or die

-Set animal Traps

-Build many shelters Bases houses

-Day and Night

-Weather seasons , winter, spring, summer, autumn

-Changing weather that effect player health

-Find and fuel vehicles to drive

-- Save and load System added

-- Removed Banner Ads

-- New Shop added now players can buy items ammo and vehicles

-- New Airplane added

-- New Weapon and ammo added

Now you can save and load all progress in game if you want
to save game then pause the game and press save game !

All vehicles now have fueling system !

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