Catch The monster

Catch The monster

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Hello friends

Hellish creatures have entered the country, if you do not believe the way up to the level of open spaces, parks, etc. go to see with your own eyes through the lens of the camera. You have to hunt them in the roll of Rustam in seven Levels. After passing through six َAhriman appears.The main goal is to catch َAhriman.

These creatures are everywhere.In the park, though their numbers are greater and easier to hunt.

Agreement :

By downloading or playing this game you have accepted the following agreement.

1. You should have a GPS-enabled phone accelrometer, Gyroscope, preferably Internet 4G and Android 6 and up.

2. Do not play in crowded, unsafe places and do not play while driving and always be careful of your surroundings, the manufacturer has no responsibility for possible incidents.

3.In case of any data theft, in any way, producers have no responsibility for it.

Bahman Salehi Nick December 1395

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